OpenNTF hosted a survey and asked for feedback in March 2013. Read the summary of the survey responses on SlideShare.

As part of this survey people also provided free feedback. See below for some samples:

"Amazing Site / Community. It was lucky that you grew in the right ways over the years. You have facilitated a real community, which I think is unique. Thanks for all the work."

"Great Site! Thanks for the ideas, code fragments and of course projects! It saves the day again and again."

" is a golden place, and its value is priceless."

"We mainly concentrate on using XPages to develop Intranet applications and is one of the best place to provide quality open source projects"

"Love the community, Love all that people give to the community. THANK YOU"

"The projects on have allowed me to show that Notes/Domino is alive and well and continues to provide value to the company."

"I really appreciate all that you do and it has made a HUGE difference to the success of Lotus. Part of this is just being a focus point for the enthusiasm of the community."

"Really useful for out-of-box applications & to improve personal skills."

"OpenNTF is great and belongs to the community. What would we do without OpenNTF?"

"I think the community is great, i check by often to see what ideas people have come up with for Notes/Domino."

"Great side with lot of interesting projects."

"As training is limited everything has to be self-taught and OpenNTF is usually the first port of call for something new."

"Thanks to all of the volunteers and sponsors of OpenNTF. It has helped me in ways that many people couldn't even imagine!"

"OpenNTF is an awesome site. Keep up the good work."

"I love the passion for it! And I will be using it some day soon."

"You are all great, keep up the fantastic work!"

"Great job you are doing. Thanks."

"Thanks for the excellent OpenNTF site who gives true value to the IBM Notes software."

"Like the many new projects and the way twitter is used to promote them. I like the content - hope to submit something in the future."

"Thanks contributors and website admin!"

"Great Site to have for resources."

"Wish to thanks all community for great stuff that help me for years now! Hope this will continue especially while my XPages experience grow."

"Tremendous value. I appreciate the support by IBM and especially the product developers, I like the marketing efforts (thanks, Niklas, but you others as well), and I'm impressed by the quality of snippets and projects done by the community. I think that OpenNTF is a crucial element for the success of Domino as a development platform and for XPages in particular. In short: THANK YOU!"

"Awesome community. Great, very useful projects. Especially DOTS Project is awesome."

"Its a growing community. Great stuff."

"Great place to find some excellent Lotus Notes / Domino code."

"Very well as source of ideas, examples and knowledge of lotus-domino and related technologies."

"Keep up the good work."

"Whenever I get a request for something new I check OpenNTF before starting to reinvent the wheel. OpenNTF and its community really helps you a lot to do your work thanks to its snippets area and projects. Thank you!"

Below is a list of some of the feedback OpenNTF and OpenNTF project owners received in 2012:

"Wow +1 loving the quality of OpenNTF releases at the moment, great work. Looking forward to testing this"

"There are lots of organizations out there with a Domino infrastructure for whom this [Intrapages] could become a really important tool in exploiting the significant power (and backend simplicity) of IBM's Domino infrastructure."

Various feedback about Collaboration Today

"Our Domino appdev revenue up 186% year on year. Thanks to IBM for xPages and Apple for the iPad!"

"I have been looking for a tool [ACL and Cluster Tool] that does exactly what this tool does. I have deployed it to manage the creation of cluster replica's and it is working perfectly. Thank you!"

"Bookmarks [Bookmark Viewer for IBM Lotus Connection] are something i use heavily and the synching of them down from our Connections server makes my life that much easier. Thank You!"

"[XPages Multiple File Uploader] Easy to set up. Excellent instructions. Great functionality. What's not to love? Thank you!"

"Thank you very much for this awesome Tool [XPage Debug Toolbar]. I'm still getting to know it, but it's playing such an important role in my current applications."

"Great application. [fileSendr]"

"This [FileSendr Add-on] is one of those tools that makes your life as an admin easier. No more filled up files due to big attachments, without bothering the end-user to change his email habits."

"I have taken the last few weeks to test this custom control [Java Charts], and I must say that i really like it."

"i love it! [Snippets]"

"Thx for your work and time on this [Home Page Template] very nice starting point ,it saved me a lot of time making a simple homepage."

"Thanks a lot for this tool [Document Viewer], really helped me in developing lotus/domino apps and especially debugging."

"AWESOME [JDBC Access for IBM Lotus Domino]"

"Sweet little control [MultiSelect with Checkboxes Control]. This should be part of the ExtLib !"

"Thank you. This [Data Moving Animal] is a very good tool."