November 2011

This month OpenNTF is proud to announce that Mark Hughes' View Picklist XPages Custom Control as the November 2011 Featured Project of the Month.

"The View Picklist Custom Control is set of two custom controls that allow you to present a dialog box where you can select values from a view (or view documents) to populate a field or scope, and also allow you to remove individual items from a field or scope value using the multi value deselect custom control (included).

This View Picklist Custom control is configurable so that you can style it any way you want. Use the built in search bar or the built in type ahead bar to narrow the results. Return the value(or values) to a field, document value, or a scoped variable. This can all be accomplished by configuring the properties available."

You can watch a NotesIn9 video of the controls in action here.

Congratulations to Mark on having his View Picklist Custom Control selected as the November 2011 Featured Project of the Month.

October 2011

During the month of October (yes I know a few days early) we will be featuring the three winners of the OpenNTF Development contest. The first project up is the Multi Database Search control contributed by Ferry Kranenburg. This control will allow you to search multiple Notes/Domino databases at one time. Some of the features of this control include:

- XPages Web and Xpages in Client (XPiNC) supported. (version 2.0)
- No browser locks while searching
- Highly adjustable
- Fully customized results using custom evaluated formula
- Dynamically specify databases that must be processed
- Requires the Xpages Extension Library
- Required Lotus Domino 8.5.2

Learn more about the Multi Database Search control >

June 2011

This months OpenNTF Featured Project of the Month showcases the XPages based LUG Template built by Matt White (Elguji Software and London Developer Coop) and Warren Elsmore (Bluewave Technology). The LUG Template has been used by user groups around the world to help plan and administer events. The template includes attendee registration, sponsor registration, session submission and management and much more.

Learn more about the LUG Template >

May 2011

This month OpenNTF is happy to announce that the xCharting XPages custom control project developed by Julian Buss of YouAtNotes has been named the May 2011 Featured Project of the Month.

xCharting is a ready-to-use custom control for making charting with Dojo fast and easy. Simply drag the control onto your XPage and set the "dataSeries" property so that it gets a JavaScript array with numbers, and that's it. You can have multiple charting controls on a single XPage.

with the xCharting custom control your charts can have the following properties:
  • labels for X and Y axis
  • font and font-color for labels
  • min/max for X and Y axis
  • show only natural numbers on the axis yes/no
  • color of the axis lines
  • theme of the cart
  • chart type (lines, bars, pie...)
  • height and width
  • tooltips yes/now
  • and much more
YouAtNotes is an IBM Business Partner located and Germany and is also a Member of the OpenNTF Alliance.

Learn more about xCharting >

April 2011

Debuted at Lotusphere 2011 during the OpenNTF BP207 session by Declan Sciolla-Lynch. iWatch X has been selected as the April 2011 OpenNTF featured project of the month. iWatch was originally developed for Notes by Thomas Duff in 2004. Declan has added a slick XPages based UI and has added many new features.

The iWatch X application is a mail-in database that collects news alerts received from Google News Alerts service and then categorizes them for viewing. The app is completely administered from a web browser and installation is quick and easy.

Declan Lynch is also the author of several other OpenNTF projects including xTalk, fileSendr and Blogsphere. Congratulatons to Declan for having iWatch X be named the April 2011 OpenNTF featured project of the month.

Learn more about iWatch X >

March 2011

xDesk by Chris Connor of IBM Business Partner BSS IT Solutions is the March 2011 OpenNTF Featured Project of the Month. xDesk can either be run on the web or from a Notes client.

xDesk is an XPages app that can be used for IT Helpdesk, Health and Safety Issue Reporting, Quality Management and more. With xDesk you can:

- Log issues and assign priority
- Monitor the progress of issues
- Assign costs to issues
- Search and reporting
- File attachments and supporting issue information
- Log comments and status updates

Here are some screenshots xDesk for you to check out. V1.1 of xDesk is now available for download.

Congratulations to Chris for having his xDesk app featured as the March 2011 Featured Project.

January 2011

As featured in our blog entry from Monday, January 10 fileSendr is an application that allows people to avoid having to send large file using email, but can instead upload them to fileSendr. Once in fileSendr users can access the files easily using an access key. Declan was developed by OpenNTF Contributor and Committer Declan Sciolla-Lynch. fileSendr was developed in XPages.

From Declan's blog entry about fileSendr:

"fileSendr is a 'large file transfer' solution for companies that need to send files to customers which are too big for normal email transfer. fileSendr works by allowing the sender to upload the file(s) into a central storage location ( either local storage in the NSF or Amazon S3 Storage ) and then sends a link to the recipient so that they can download the file(s). The link is valid for a set number of days configured by the administrator and once the download expires the files are removed from the storage location.

Apart from the Amazon S3 support fileSendr and uses the ExtLib project making it a great example of some of the newer ExtLib features like the JSON RPC Services Control and the Form layout controls."

Please join me in congratulating Declan for being selected for the January 2011 Featured Project of the Month.

Get started with fileSendr >

December 2010

Ferry Kranenburg's XPages Dojo Custom Control has been selected as the December 2010 Project of the Month. This reusable custom control component can be used for with your XPages apps. The control can be controlled by setting the following properties:


Learn more about the Login Custom Control >

November 2010

Released back in September 2010 the XPages Extension Library by IBM's Philippe Riand and his development team. The library is a set of advanced, optimized, controls and other XPages assets that provide a way to employ a rich UI to web and Notes client apps. The library installs in Domino Designer 8.5.2 and an on a Domino 8.5.2 server. Using the library you can accelerate your Domino app development.

Download the XPages Extension Library
Download the XPages Extension Library documentation
Join the project discussion
Feature requests are encouraged
Post a review of the XPages Extension Library
Watch a video and presentation about the XPages Extension Library

Some of the new custom controls included in the libary are:

- OneUI Control
- Dojo Grid Control
- Advanced View Control
- Name and Value Picker
- REST services Control
- Tag Cloud Control
- Toolbar Control
- In Conext Editing
- Dialogs Control
- Lotus Connections Control
- and many more...

Congratulations to Phillipe and his team on being named the November 2010 OpenNTF Project of the Month.

October 2010

SimplePdf 2 by Olli Kamarainen is set of design elements that help developers to PDF-enable their Notes applications. SimplePdf exports data from Notes documents to pre-configured PDF-form(s). PDF-form can be created in Open Office Writer so it's free and more printer-friendly than a traditional Notes form.

The first version of SimplePdf was mainly an example agent, but the project is rapidly growing to be more user-friendly tool.

September 2010

The September 2010 OpenNTF featured project is "Source Sniffer" developed by Ferry Kranenburg. Source Sniffer is a Domino Designer extension written in Eclipse. It can search in the source code of multipleĀ applications at once, it supports many languages including Java, Javascript, Lotusscript and the Lotus @Formula languages. XPages are completely decoded and their code can be found there as well.

The project comes complete with sample screenshots and documentation, Once you have downloaded, installed and used Source Sniffer I encourage you to leave a review of the Source Sniffer project.

August 2010

Niklas Heidloff and Steve Castledine have created a set of re-usable XPages Custom Controls that you can use to build mobile applications for IBM Lotus Domino. There are over a dozen controls that you can use to deliver a true native mobile experience for your applications. The XPages Mobile Control project has support for both Apple's iPhone and recently RIM's Blackberry devices. The project is fully documented and contains several excellent screencasts and slideshows to illustrate the rich functionality provided by the control library. If you want to extend your existing apps to work on mobile devices and/or develop new apps with rich mobile functionality - this is a project you need to download and explore.

Some of the controls included with this project are:
* Camera
* Image Carousel
* Slide in Menu
* Spinning Wheel
* Image Viewer
* Popup Menu
* and many more

There is also a Taking Notes podcast which includes an interview with Niklas Heidloff and several other developers and IBM Lotus Business Partners where they talk about the XPages Mobile Controls and how they have been used in the real world. You can download the podcast here.

Checkout the August 2010 OpenNTF Featured Project of the Month - The XPages Mobile Controls.

July 2010

This month's featured project is Domino Team Mailbox developed by Brian Green and Ben Rose. Domino Team Mailbox is a Notes template file that allows teams to share a single mailbox for "catch-all" types of mailboxes such as "" or "". The template is easy to setup and configure. In fact, the OpenNTF Community has downloaded this template almost 9,000 times and has also rated it "5 stars". My company uses this template for all of our support, customer services and sales mailboxes. In fact, we depend on it to ensure smooth and efficient communications with our customers.

Some key features include:

Mail Rules - use standard mail rules to help ensure the mail gets the attention it needs.
Memo Clips - re-use standard blocks of text without having to re-type them for each email response.
Auto Reply - Domino Team Mailbox can automatically let people know that you received their email by sending out an auto reply.
Integrated Instant Messaging - Supports integrated Sametime awareness so you can you can see who is online.
Reply Address - You can configure your mailbox to have a specific "Reply To/From" address. A user's personal email address is not shown in the email message. Bounced messages will return to the Team Mailbox.

Other features include: soft deletions, follow-up flags, Internet-style reply, reply indicator icons, and colored Inbox row highlighting.

A must have app for any business. Your users will thank you right away when you offer them this OpenNTF featured application.

June 2010

Bildr is an application to distribute images over your Domino network. The application allows automatic resizing of images.

For viewing photos a slider menu is available on the startpage and lightbox options for viewing photos in original size.

Visitors can leave comments on photos.

May 2010

In early 2009 Andrew Luder was trialling one of the free Windows Sysinternals tools called "contig.exe" (v1.55) on his home Windows 2003 Domino server to see if he could defragment his Domino databases while the Domino server was running and as it turned out - it worked just fine. Andrew has since incorporated contig.exe with a C++ Lotus Domino server task he developed called DominoDefrag using Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 and together they've defragged databases successfully on the Domino R5x (NT4 and Windows 2000), R6x-R7x-R8x (Windows 2003 R2), and R85x (Windows 2008 R2) Domino servers.

DominoDefrag has grown to defrag a full-text index associated with a Notes database and can now also defrag Domino transaction logs and DAOS files. The output is recorded to the Domino server console and miscellaneous events log.

The DominoDefrag task has the added functionality of being able to compact a database prior to defragging and supports multi-processing (can load multiple times to run concurrently) and use of an indirect file (.ind) to have the same compact batch functionality. Performance checks can now also be tested using generated document collections to determine the before and after defrag millisecond performance of databases and their associated full-text indexes.

Check out DominoDefrag now here.

April 2010

How many social networks are you a part of? Got Lotus Sametime and Lotus Connections? Maybe you have multiple of each. Got Twitter as well? Facebook? WordPress? Bebo? Tumblr? Bet you also have work related networks, personal networks,

Most of us have many social networks that we try and keep up to date but it is getting harder and harder every day with so many networks. WildFire! allows you to update multiple communities in one go. You can add all of your networks in the WildFire application and select which ones to send an update to. You can group them, sort by type, and even view your Twitter lifestream from the WildFire interface.

WildFire is a Lotus Notes 8.5 Sidebar application to update status's across a wide range of social networks including Sametime, Lotus Connections, Facebook, GTalk, PingFm, Plurk, Tumblr, Twitter, Wordpress and more.

You can also have mulitple of each network type.

WildFire was developed by ISW who is an Australian IBM Premier Partner. You can learn more about ISW at

A video overview of WildFire is available here.

Download and start using WildFire here.

March 2010

The xTalk discussion forum application is a 100% XPages application written for IBM Lotus Notes And Domino 8.5.1 utilizing XPages in the Notes Client and was developed by Declan Lynch.

Styled after many of the popular PHP web forums, xTalk brings the power of web forums to your Domino environment is an easy to deploy and configure application. Using XPages in the Notes client users will experience the same interface no mater how they view it.

Notable xTalk features include:
  • Multiple forum support
  • Quick and easy setup from the web or Notes 8.5.1 client
  • BBcode Editor for forum entries
  • Gravatar support
  • Supports oneUI V2
  • Search
  • Installation guide

xTalk was also shown in the Lotusphere 2010 Opening General Session and the Application Development Keynote.

You can download xTalk in the OpenNTF Apache Catalog here.

xTalk was also named a finalist in the 2010 Lotus Awards for Best Open Source Contribution by an Individual.

February 2010

To kick off the OpenNTF Featured Project of the Month we are going to start off with two projects that were recently selected for the 2010 Lotus Awards.

Task Management by Pavone

The Task Management application developed by IBM Lotus Business Partner Pavone is a simple tool to keep track of an individual's and their team members' tasks. The tasks are federated from various sources, e.g. from the users' mailboxes or from other OpenNTF applications, and displayed in either the Lotus Notes sidebar or in Lotus Sametime. From there the actual tasks can be opened in Lotus Notes or in the web browser.

Technically Task Management leverages new rich client application development features based on Eclipse in combination with the standard NSF capabilities and web services. Pavone started with the implementation of this application two years ago and contributed it recently as open source to OpenNTF.

Task Management was awarded the "Best Open Source Contribution by a Business Partner" Lotus Award.

Here is a link to Task Management application in the Apache Catalog.

File Navigator by Rene Winkelmeyer

File Navigator is a multi platform file navigator widget running inside the Lotus Notes sidebar. Lotus Notes users can detach files easily from Notes documents, and this includes full emails that are stored as EML on disk. Vice versa, files can be attached to Notes documents via drag and drop. Various user preferences allow the customization of the drives and directories that are displayed and these preferences are manageable via policies.

Technically File Navigator is an Eclipse plugin leveraging Lotus Notes extension points.

In the spirit of open source Rene Winkelmeyer took the starting point of his project from other OpenNTF contributors and extended it in many ways, e.g. network shares, user preferences, policies, different languages, etc. He's implemented many feature requests from the OpenNTF community and made File Navigator the most active OpenNTF project in 2009.

File Navigator was awarded the "Best Open Source Contribution by an Individual" Lotus Award

Here is a link to the File Navigator application in the Apache Catalog.