OpenNTF is happy to announce the second development contest on OpenNTF.Org sponsored by IBM Business Partner We4IT. Contribute your open source project between now and December 2nd and have a chance to win an iPad 2, iPhone 5 or Amazon voucher.

With this contest OpenNTF and We4IT want to further increase the number of XPages open source projects to help with the adoption of XPages.

Stefan Sucker, CEO, We4IT GmbH, stated: "Our extensive work in the Lotus Notes field leads us to believe that the future of IBM Domino applications lies in the browser. Naturally XPages technology plays a very central role to how we will attain this browser based functionality in the future. For this reason we want to support the creation of as many XPages controls as possible. We saw a huge amount of interest in the first contest and are anticipating with excitement the creations which will no doubt result from the second contest.".

Bruce Elgort, OpenNTF chairman, said: "Following on the success of the first OpenNTF development contest I am excited to see what the development community will be building for this new contest. I am seeing more and more businesses developing mobile and social apps and the timing of this contest couldn't be better. It is also great to see so many new contributors participating on OpenNTF."

We ask participants to contribute XPages source code to help building either 1. mobile and/or 2. social applications. These contributions can either be full applications which can be customized or extended or they can be reusable XPages controls as in the first contest.

1) Mobile
Mobile applications or controls are specialized for the usage on smartphones and/or tablets running in WebKit based browsers. We accept submissions for Apple iOS 3 or later and Android 2.0 or later.

Here are some potential controls and apps that would be good additions to OpenNTF:
- Simple project/team task management app
- Contacts app using contacts from Domino
- Personal task management app, maybe using the tasks from Domino
- Extension to Mobile Documents for offline Notes documents on mobile devices
- Replication mechanism for Notes documents for offline usage

2) Social
Social applications or controls connect to social services either on premise or in the cloud, e.g. IBM Connections, LotusLive, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Technically they often use techniques like REST, JSON, Atom and OAuth as used in the
Social Enabler project on OpenNTF.

Here are some potential controls and apps that would be good additions to OpenNTF:
- Inbox app showing new tweets, Facebook entries, mails, etc.
- Control to display photos from Flickr
- Controls to display latest entries from YouTube channels, Slideshare, Twitter, etc.
- Extended blog page which displays comments from Facebook and tweets on Twitter
- Share control and/or API to publish status to social networks
- Application that leverages Connections to find experts


Participants can choose how to implement their applications. There are no prerequisites to use certain technologies other than that the solutions need to work in XPages.

Starting with the
version 10/17/11 of the XPages Extension Library there is a significant new release of XPages Mobile Controls and a first preview release of XPages Social Enabler. This functionality can be used to produce applications for the contest. For both parts there are also videos and documentation:
Video Social Enabler
Documentation Social Enabler
Video Mobile Controls
Mobile Controls Sample Database
Documentation Mobile Controls

In order to implement mobile apps participants could also for example use any of the following frameworks which support building mobile web applications: Dojo Mobile, Wink Toolkit, jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch. The OpenNTF project Mobile Controls can also be used as starting point which uses Dojo Mobile 1.6. This project also shows how to develop mobile offline apps.

In order to implement social applications the Social Enabler project could be used as starting point which provides a NSF that embeds an OAuth library and shows how to invoke REST services. Alternatively other OAuth libraries could be used, e.g. Scribe. In order to invoke REST services Apache Wink could be used.

Again, none of these technologies has to be used. Participants could also only use out of the box XPages functionality, e.g. to connect to IBM Connections via Java HTTP calls or to provide a web application with an optimized style for mobile devices.

Awards and Recognition

The winner will receive a pass to Lotusphere 2012 (the winner will be responsible for their own travel, hotel and other expenses). Also, the ticket is non-transferable and must be used for Lotusphere 2012.

The winner and two finalists can choose between one of these three prizes:

1) Apple iPad 2, 64 GB Wifi or 32 GB 3G
2) Apple iPhone 4S, 32 GB
3) Amazon voucher for $800 (US) if available in your country (if available)

The winners will be invited to present their controls at an OpenNTF Board of Directors meeting with executives from various companies.

OpenNTF will also create videos and screenshots (if not done by contributors), blog about these controls and have them put on as done for the first contest.


We'll use the following criteria when judging the contributions:

1) Reusability, consumability and documentation
2) "Wow" factor and completeness of solution
3) Overall business value
4) Amount of work to build the submission(s)


Everyone can participate and submit nominations, with the exception of the OpenNTF Board of Directors. While members of the Board may not personally submit a nomination, other employees of their respective companies may submit. A contribution can be submitted by more than one person but the award would have to be shared between the submitters. Winners should also be aware of any rules that their employer, state or local company has regarding participating in contests and winning prizes. A nomination can be done by more than one person but the award would have to be splitted.

Prerequisites for valid Submissions

Any open source project may be submitted for consideration for this contest that has been accepted for either the Apache or GPL catalog on OpenNTF. The following points describe in details these prerequisites.

1. Authors need to be approved OpenNTF contributors, e.g. they need to be covered by an ICLA or CCLA (details).
2. Submissions have to be posted under one of the four accepted OpenNTF licences. For example for Apache submissions the Apache license has to be applied correctly (details).
3. Submissions must have been cleared by the ip-manager at openntf dot org so that they can be added to either the Apache or GPL catalog. Contact the IP manager if you need to use third party code.
4. Submissions will be evaluated on Domino 8.5.3. Non-working submissions or submissions that judges cannot get to work will not be considered. No other product versions will be used for evaluation.

5. Submissions of web applications/controls will be evaluated on the most common browsers Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari (latest releases). If you're aware of issues of your submission in certain browsers please let us know.
6. For mobile applications/controls we accept submissions for Apple iOS 3 or later and Android 2.0 or later. Also since there are legal constraints to open source native code the mobile applications need to be pure web applications.
7. Submissions need at least to provide two or three paragraphs of documentation, some screenshots and in the optimal case a short demo video (all in English).
8. Projects or new releases of existing projects need to be created on OpenNTF where the submission is in the form of a Project Release. Existing releases can not be nominated but parts of existing projects can be reused and extended.


You need to have the code on OpenNTF and send a mail to support at openntf dot org and ip-manage at openntf dot org (for IP clearance).


December 2nd 2011: Deadline for submissions
December 12th 2011: Announcement of winners


OpenNTF would appreciate if you could help us to promote this contest.

Please feel free to use the banner graphic above or the following sidebar graphic and link to

First Development Contest

Screenshots and videos of the submitted controls of the first contest are available on