As part of the OpenNTF development contest sponsored by hedersoft, Thomas Adrian has contributed a project called Intrapages - The Social Intranet.

Watch the video to see the project in action. Here is the description from Thomas:

"Intrapages is a social website you can easily setup from a template (ntf) and you can run as many intrapages you like on the same server. each intrapages may serve different purposes i.e you might want to setup one intrapages for the whole company and another one for blogs, files,  photos or for a specific project you are working on.

some of the features of intrapages includes:

- Attractive UI with the option to change theme
- Login using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Domino or site registration.
- Multilingual, currently supports English and Swedish. (I Need help with other languges)
- News Stream, with comments and likes  (works like facebook)
- Invite internal or extrenal user to join
- Activity Stream - allows you to always be up to date with other peoples activities
- Send private messages to other registered users
- Create teamrooms for specific projects
- Create content like Announcements, Blog entries, wikis or ideas
- Subscribe to content and get notifications when content is created
- Maintain your personal profile with photo, skills etc.
- Fulltext search or type ahead search is available for all content
- Most content can be tagged which makes it easy to find group of content
- Webbased administration, including user managament and send out newsletters
- Mobile interface with less functionality
- and much much more.."

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