The Technical Committee wants to allow all projects to use IdeaJam to collect ideas and to vote other people's ideas. This is based on a request from a community member in IdeaJam (see here). This capability is offered for now as an optional addition to the 'Requests' tab in the project area. At some later point of time these two mechanisms might potentially be closer integrated.

For now each project owner can request a new ideaspace that will show up in the combobox on IdeaJam. To do this please send a mail to and use the word 'ideajam' somewhere in the subject (as spam prevention for OpenNTF). The TC will then create this ideaspace and notify you once created.

Standard operations like the creation of new ideas, marking ideas as complete, in progress, etc. can then be done via the standard IdeaJam web user interface. For other operations (e.g. if you want to remove all ideas after a project release and start with a clean list from scratch for next release) please send a mail to again.

At this point there is no technical link between the ideaspace for a specific project and the project. The TC suggests to use the same name as ideaspace name as the project name. Additionally you should add a link to IdeaJam in the main description of your project.

Additionally you can use the generic ideaspace 'Existing Projects' if you don't want to manage your own ideaspace.

Again, better integrations might be done later but the TC didn't want to delay these capabilities for existing projects.

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