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Project screenshots - more easy to access / preview

: Existing Projects
: screenshot, project
To do a quickscan if a Project on OpenTF is interesting I always go through the screenshots before I start downloading a release.

Unfortunately this screenshots require a lot of navigation back and forth.

Easier navigation between different screenshots would help me ...

Activeness indicator

: July2010
: project, indicator, july2010
 It would be useful to have some sort of "activeness" indicator(s) for a project.  For example, is the project still being developed and/or supported? Are there future releases planned? I'm thinking of the situation where you see a project that hasn't been touched for say 2 years.  It would be ...

Add a "follow" function

: July2010
: july2010
 It would be nice to have a "follow" function that would allow me to subscribe to a project and receive notifications of updates, releases, discussions and so on. This could help to increase activity, and perhaps more importantly, community, around a project.
Perhaps a daily or weekly digest might ...

Add "Production ready" rating/category

: Infrastructure
: category, rating
There are a lot of projects, which you can use, but not every one is ready to be deployed. Some are frameworks, some are just not ready (yet).

It would be great to distinguish them so you can only browse the "drop it into your domino ...

XPages custom control repositoryView Linked Idea

: Infrastructure
: xpages, custom controls
Similar to the "Theme Repository" idea (linked with this idea).

I suggest that a section of OpenNTF be set aside for XPages custom controls.

Help wanted Page with Tasks Project Owners need Help with

: July2010
: july2010
Project owners should be able to define the tasks they need help with.
These open tasks should be displayed in each project and/or a global list accessible via the home page.

Free Development Environment for Projects with more than one Contributor

: July2010
: july2010
OpenNTF should provide on request two databases hosted on an OpenNTF development server.
In one database contributors can do the actual development, share code and try the app over HTTP.
A second database (wiki or discussion) can be used to manage internal project information, e.g. specs.

Improve the search functionView Linked Idea

: Infrastructure
: search
It's hard to find a project with the current search method. Currently you can search only with keywords and select some areas. You need to be able to search by Project. this would include the description and title. I don't need the forums, comments, etc.

Choices ...

Provide one wiki per project for documentationView Linked Idea

: Infrastructure
: infrastructure
This idea has been copied from Rob Wills from ideajam: { Link }

Each project on openNTF has a Documentation tab. This enables you to upload documents to help users install the software properly and then know how it is designed to be used. ...

Possible to change your username

: July2010
: username
My current username is not my real name, since the correct one is connected to an old email address which I cannot access any longer.
It would be nice that my email is unique identifier, and that I would be able to change my name whenever I want to.
Display ...

Theme RepositoryView Linked Idea

: Infrastructure
: css, themes
I suggest that a section of OpenNTF be set aside for XPages themes. Similar to the CSS Zen Garden ({ Link } each contribution would modify a base form and/or view and provide screenshots, .css files and any images.

The base form/view would have common elements, ...

List the used technique(s) for an app

: July2010
: techniques, java, lotusscript, javascript, html5
add field there we can list which techniques have been used building this app
(XPages, lotusscript, javascript, java, @formula, HTML5, XML etcetera)

Code control system for design elements in NSFs/NTFsView Linked Idea

: Infrastructure
: infrastructure
OpenNTF should allow for more collaborative work on open source projects on OpenNTF.Org. There should be code control and version management including check-in/check-out, branch and merge, audit trail of code changes and rollback, etc. for design elements.

There are some theoretic technical alternatives for which existing ...

IdeaJam For ProjectsView Linked Idea

: Infrastructure
: infrastructure
When rebuilding the project UI I would like to suggest that each project be given it's own IdeaJam instance integrated into the new UI.

The IdeaJam instance could replace the bug and feature requests of the current project infrastructure by having idea spaces for these areas.

For feature ...

Improve the overall UX for the home pageView Linked Idea

: Infrastructure
: infrastructure
OpenNTF should improve the user experience of the home page:

- The UI should look more modern and clearer

- Full text search needs to be a first class citizen to find content, people etc.

- Recent content (projects, samples, blog entries, ideas) should be shown

Open Source version control system for all Domino design elementsView Linked Idea

: Infrastructure
: subversion, svn, version control system
Lotus Notes Application to manage all Domino design elements and templates, using an Open Source version control back end (like Subversion.)
The emphasis for this idea is to use a Domino application as a front-end for managing and deploying all design elements and have them stored in an Open Source ...

Donate Button for Project Contributors

: July2010
: july2010
Projects should have a donate button so that consumers can donate money to the project contributors (e.g. via credit card, paypal, ...).

Rename "Testimonials" to "Reviews" and let users rate the project while writing a review

: July2010
: projects
I've never understood the word 'testimonials' within a project. I think everybody knows about writing reviews.

Logos, widgets and other assets

: July2010
: logos, widgets
I would love to see a place where people can download:
  1. OpenNTF Logos
  2. Blog Widgets
  3. Marketing material
Thanks for considering my idea. 

Ask Teamstudio to sponsor their ntf version control system for ONTFView Linked Idea

: Infrastructure
: version control system, collaboration
Teamstudio has a VCS for NTFs, which would be great for ONTF (See Peters comemnt here: { Link } If they would sponsor a server on openntf.org and distribute a client, which only works with that server, this would also be a great showcase for them (I ...

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