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23 Nov 2009John SmartExpose key design elements as rich client components

I think this is a great idea! Combining best of breed apps together is what composites are all about.

However, I withdrew my "Yes" vote because I think it's as simple as embedding a view or Notes URL component. I don't think the tag cloud component would require additional development either.

How would the discussion template need to be changed?
30 Oct 2009bruce lillPrivate Documents

if I can set selected readers it would be nice otherwise this would be like a draft status
30 Oct 2009bruce lillQuestions

It would make it stand out. Why not allow more settings, Question, Announcement, Rule, Important, etc. with a selectable icon.
30 Oct 2009bruce lillDisplay log of who has read document and when

There are some products that do this. Securtrac from extracomm has a free version that will monitor on database and give you a report of who viewed (just because they opened it doen't meean they read it), update (including fields) and created it.

To add the code to the template would require a lot of work for little use. Although you could add the functionality and post it for everyone else.
08 Sep 2009Michelle O'RorkeSupport Notes Classic

I disagree - while this sounds a nice idea, spending time on making it work in Notes 6 is a waste of time. The time and effort would be better spent in make it really work well in 8.5.x - then it becomes part of the arguement for upgrading.
25 Aug 2009Ulrich KrauseConfigurable notification emails

Make it configurable like we use it in the !!HELP!! project
23 Aug 2009Peter D PresnellMore intelligent interest profile preferences

Hi Niklas,

Do these extend the existing ability to add a topic/thread to an interest profile? Do we need an additional (automatic) option or could we perhaps find a better way to enable the existing feature. (e.g. Save & Register action for topics and responses)
21 Aug 2009Peter D PresnellIntegration with To Dos

I believe IBM have indicated plans to develop the concept of activities/tasks/todos significantly as part of Notes 9.0. Perhaps we may want to see what information is made public about how this will work so that we leverage this effort rather than build another island.
11 Aug 2009Niklas HeidloffNotes sidebar discussion widget with configurable post list subscription and response edit

This is redundant to this idea: { Link }
11 Aug 2009Kjell JahnDiscussion enable other applications

yes, provide integration / extension point i.e. to "discussion enable" the xpages wiki - that has quickly found a reasonable fan community - and rightfully so;
11 Aug 2009Kjell JahnPersist Sametime chats

yes, I concur absolutely - "capture chat threads" to converge chat and discussion conversations - that is the core of "knowledge capture"
11 Aug 2009Kjell JahnUser profiles from other NSFs

at minimum pull in / copy Profile Info from Domino Directory
03 Aug 2009Niklas HeidloffIntegration with To Dos

Kim, I've devided your idea up in two different ones.

The idea to add Notes docs like mails to topics already exists. The other part to add to docs pointing to topics I left in this idea.


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