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A central site for feature requests about existing projects

: July2010
: request newfeatures project enhancement
I think a lot of Lotus users want the same new feature/s for an existing project. For example, adding an upload file control for an existing application. So it would be a good idea to have a central place or "view" where people ask for new features for existing projects ...

Fill-In-The-Blank Licensing TemplateView Linked Idea

: July2010
: licensing
When starting a new project, provide a zip file containing all required licensing information depending on the licensing type selected by the chef. For example, the zip file would contain LICENSE, NOTICE, readme.txt, and a blank .NTF file with all licensing text pre-populated. The chef would then just need to ...

More Like This Link To Other Projects

: July2010
: search, find
Place a "More Like This" link in project home pages that will display a list of other projects that are similar to the one being viewed.

Place a 'download now' link on the main project page to the latest available release

: July2010
: july2010
Should not be hard to realize, it helps users a bit to download a application easier.

Setup a openntf demo server with all "final" products running

: July2010
: demo, final
One problem I, and some customers, experience is when we want to check out an app here. We can't unless we download it, then configure it, then find out there is no docs to install it or whatever.
If we had all the "final" versions running or accesible on a ...

Edit Comments etc.

: July2010
: edit
Allow user to edit their own posts e.g. comments or bug reports.

Sametime integration

: July2010
: sametime
Integrate Sametime into OpenNTF.

Disallow project deletion by project owners

: July2010
: project, governance, july2010
This may be a controversial one, but from my point of view it's pretty important.
There have been a few instances in recent times where project owners have, for one reason or another, deleted their own projects. I think this is quite troubling from a governance perspective, since it ...

Code competition

: July2010
: competition, code, theme
Have a quarterly competition based upon a changing theme.
- write an application that demonstrates the usage of geolocation (Google Maps) in Notes.
- write an application in the category 'personal effectivity'
The theme of the competition should be announced one month before the period ...

OpenNTF Alliance Members

: July2010
: alliance
Quote from http://openntf.org/Internal/home.nsf/dx/About_openNTF:

"OpenNTF Alliance Members - Members are companies with the common interest to provide open source for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and to encourage broad industry use of these applications. To achieve these goals members are willing to devote resources or ...


Contibutor vs "approved" contibutor - better recognition

: July2010
: contibutors
It took me a while to even find this page http://openntf.org/Internal/home.nsf/people.xsp on the site. It would be good to:
a) Highlight the owners, chefs, etc in a dedicated page that is easy to find
b) "approved contributor" means nothing unless they have actually contributed code (in fact, ...

Starter database/templateView Linked Idea

: July2010
: template, ntf
For new projects it would be handy to have a clean starter template. The database should have a minimum interface for the Notes client.
I have uploaded an example which we use ourself:
This makes the delivered projects a bit more genuine (hey, this is an ...

On the profile page, make it possible to download the information as a vCard

: July2010
: vcard, profile
For freelancers it can be of value to have your contacts available as a vCard.

LinkJam for development

: July2010
: linkjam, delicious, bookmarks, development
For newbies or those who want to complete their toolset it can be handy to share development bookmarks.
For example the OneUI documentation: http://www-12.lotus.com/ldd/doc/oneuidoc/docpublic/index.htm
I guess a table with such refs can contribute to better projects.

Let contributers add tags to projects, add tag cloud in project listing

: July2010
: july2010
Yes, just like Ideajam. It show's what's hot on OpenNTF...

Downloadable leaflet / presentation on good projects

: July2010
: presentation, summary
Some people have already created presentations themselves about the goodies on OpenNTF http://www.lotusguru.com/lotusguru/LGBlog.nsf/d6plinks/20071106-78PLD2 .
I guess this demonstrates there is a need for a presentation (slideshow or leaflet (pdf) for print) that summarizes what is in store, and which can be distributed via mail.

Format / Blueprint for describing a project

: July2010
: description
The description field for a project differs from project to project.
A blueprint (a shortlist of questions to be answered) could make the descriptions become more identical in format. It will improve the quality of the information.
Sample questions:
What does this application do?
Who is the ...

VM Image with ready to use Demos

: July2010
: july2010
Alternatively (or additionally) OpenNTF could host some web apps in demo mode live.

Best Contributor of the Quarter

: July2010
: july2010
Give contributors the recognition and visiblity they deserve by highlighting 1 or some contributors of the quarter.
We could determine this by the number of new releases, filed defect reports, filed feature requests, blog posts, activity level of project, etc.

Logos, widgets and other assets

: July2010
: logos, widgets
I would love to see a place where people can download:
  1. OpenNTF Logos
  2. Blog Widgets
  3. Marketing material
Thanks for considering my idea. 

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