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Activeness indicator

: July2010
: project, indicator, july2010
 It would be useful to have some sort of "activeness" indicator(s) for a project.  For example, is the project still being developed and/or supported? Are there future releases planned? I'm thinking of the situation where you see a project that hasn't been touched for say 2 years.  It would be ...

Contributed Codebin for a project.

: July2010
: project
A form to contribute new code for an existing project. The form would require specification of added/changed design elements. Form would email Project lead to consider for next release. Ability to upload .nsf with applied enhancements would be nice.

Disallow project deletion by project owners

: July2010
: project, governance, july2010
This may be a controversial one, but from my point of view it's pretty important.
There have been a few instances in recent times where project owners have, for one reason or another, deleted their own projects. I think this is quite troubling from a governance perspective, since it ...

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OpenNTF hosts an IdeaJam from 07/14/10 until 07/16/10 to identify the most important web site improvements and new services. To create your own idea just click 'Post my idea' and choose the ideaspace 'July2010' as well as the tag 'July2010'. To vote and comment on ideas select the ideaspace 'July2010' and then open one of the views 'Recent', 'Popular' or 'Recent Comments'.

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