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Use RSS as interest profiles

: Discussion Next Gen
: rss, interest profile
Instead of emails let users receive their interest profiles as RSS (similar to Google Alerts).
There are two main advantages for switching to RSS:
1. Currently users removed from the ACL still get mails according to their interest profiles. The links won't work but the topic still shows them what ...

OpenNTF IdeaJam

OpenNTF hosts an IdeaJam from 07/14/10 until 07/16/10 to identify the most important web site improvements and new services. To create your own idea just click 'Post my idea' and choose the ideaspace 'July2010' as well as the tag 'July2010'. To vote and comment on ideas select the ideaspace 'July2010' and then open one of the views 'Recent', 'Popular' or 'Recent Comments'.

Getting started

In order to add ideas, votes or comments you need to login with your OpenNTF credentials. If you haven't registered you can do so here.