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VM Image with ready to use Demos 

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: Niklas Heidloff 15 Jul 2010
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Alternatively (or additionally) OpenNTF could host some web apps in demo mode live.

1) F. Kranenburg (15 Jul 2010)
Great idea, but OpenNTF will need to thoroughly test those demo web apps first before putting them on their servers?
2) Niklas Heidloff (15 Jul 2010)
We'd certainly need some testing. The advantage of the image would be that you could always reset it, other users couldn't do 'wrong' things etc.

Another bigger task is also to come up with good demo data.
3) Keith Brooks (15 Jul 2010)
Niklas, I missed your post , I just posted about a demo server running the apps as well.
I don't think its about testing the apps, after all if they are in final stage they should be okay to run.
4) Chris Whisonant (15 Jul 2010)
Will everyone be ok with having to use Linux for the VM's? Because, due to licensing, I highly doubt OpenNTF could provide any Windows-based VM's unless there was no license key entered and the user would have to use their own proper key. I know we've also talked a lot about hosting some web apps and doing some other things related to this.
5) Gregg Eldred (15 Jul 2010)
I've demoted this idea because I cannot think of any software reseller that does this. Most, if not all, provide you with demo's for you to download and install in your environment. I am trying to understand what would possess OpenNTF to do this, on an all volunteer basis. And that is the other important fact, "all volunteer." I may change my mind, if it can be demonstrated that this will drive more people to use the applications on OpenNTF and that OpenNTF has the financial and human budget to do this.

And the same is true of Keith's idea.
6) Niklas Heidloff (15 Jul 2010)
Gregg, it didn't mean to put the burden necessarily on the project owners. Obviously it would be good to get help from the project owners but maybe someone from the OpenNTF Technical Committee could build this if considered important enough from the community.

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