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Brief Explanation of license types 

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: July2010
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: Ethann Castell 14 Jul 2010
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 I'd like to see some sort of brief description which tells me what the Apache license means and what the GPL license means.  
When I go to the download page I see the two categories but I've got no idea what they "really" mean, or what the difference between them is.  Sure I could go and read the documentation on each license but who has the time.
My suggestion is to have a short bullet point list of the features of each license on the category page, along with a link to full details of the license. This short bullet-point list would allow me to A) get an idea of what the license means, and B) see the key differences between each license type.

1) John D Head (14 Jul 2010)
Great idea Ethann and very easy to do
2) Peter Tanner (14 Jul 2010)
Perhaps I have worked on legal issues for a large company for too long - but here is my concern about this. If I give you an overview of a license - but miss a point that you think is important later - you could claim that I gave you incomplete information. Also, we are not a legal firm, so are prohibited from offering legal advice.

That being said, there are lots of sites that provide this information that we can point you too. The Wikipedia articles are quite reasonable. This site { Link } gives an interesting comparison but the answer to Apache/GPL compatibility is out of date (as Apache2 code can be used in GPL3 projects).

I will do a search for something that does what Ethann is looking for.
3) Nathan T Freeman (14 Jul 2010)
{ Link }
4) Ethann Castell (14 Jul 2010)
@Peter. There's some validity in your point although maybe it is tainted by your work. As the site currently stands I wonder if there is the possibility for legal action because the site doesn't explain what the licenses cover?

I imagined something like the following

Freeby License
- software is free of charge
- for personal and commercial use
- modifications not required to be made public
- free to on-sell
- may not be used to create a competitor to OpenNTF
Full license details (url)

@Nathan. That link is good. Thanks. I'd still like to see a bullet-point 20,000 feet view.

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