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Contibutor vs "approved" contibutor - better recognition 

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: Darren Duke 15 Jul 2010
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It took me a while to even find this page http://openntf.org/Internal/home.nsf/people.xsp on the site. It would be good to:
a) Highlight the owners, chefs, etc in a dedicated page that is easy to find
b) "approved contributor" means nothing unless they have actually contributed code (in fact, that makes them normal OpenNTF users who happen to have signed a document....wow). This deminishes the good work of those that do.
As this site is only as good as the contributions make by people it seems a bit "off" to put the "Committees and Working Groups" above the "contibutors". I really think this should be 2 different pages:
1) Contibutors who have publish code (owners, chefs, etc)
2) Committee page
I can't really come up with a reason to the "approved conributors" that have no contributions page.

1) Niklas Heidloff (15 Jul 2010)
Good points. I agree with the two pages.

But all contributors listed on this page should be the approved contributors only who have actually contributed something. I know that's how we've handled the IBM contributors. When you click on the people names you should see their projects. Have you seen any without projects?
2) Darren Duke (15 Jul 2010)
@1, click around on some names....it won't take long to find a few. Hint (although by no means the first), start at the "J's".
3) Niklas Heidloff (15 Jul 2010)
I see. Guess we haven't done this for non IBMers.
4) Peter Tanner (15 Jul 2010)
We are trying to encourage all Contributors to submit an Individual Contribution License Agreement (ICLA) or Corporate CLA. The "Approved" in Approved Contributor simply refers to the fact that the contributor is covered by an ICLA or CCLA. So far about 85 contributors (outside IBM) are covered.

These documents give OpenNTF some assurance that the contribution is the of the Project contributors and that the contributors do have the right to make the contribution. The ICLA and CCLA text is based on the agreements that Apache requires from its contributors - although modified slightly do handle OpenNTF's greater license flexibility.

I agree, however, that there should be greater recognition of the Contributors.

Peter Tanner
OpenNTF IP Manager

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