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: Darren Duke 15 Jul 2010
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Quote from http://openntf.org/Internal/home.nsf/dx/About_openNTF:

"OpenNTF Alliance Members - Members are companies with the common interest to provide open source for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and to encourage broad industry use of these applications. To achieve these goals members are willing to devote resources or participate in other ways."

How about linking these pages to their contributions on projects? With some of these I can see no correlation between their involvement with OpenNTF and any participation to a project in any form. And if they "participate in other ways" how about listing them? Are they providing tools? Cold, hard cash? Let's shine some light in here folks.

1) Patrick Kwintensson (15 Jul 2010)
I totally gree Darren. The alliance or level of envolvement is arguable.
2) John D Head (15 Jul 2010)
first, here is the correct url - your link doesnt work { Link }

Second, the Alliance members are anyone who signs the Alliance membership document. This is not about projects or anything else. STS could be on that page, as could any other company, just by filling out the form and sending it in (and providing us your logo, company info, and url).

We have Alliance member companies who only become members to show support for OpenNTF.org. They don't contribute code as a company nor provide any money (at ths time). Other companies do it because it is the easiest way to complete the CCLA for them.

What info are you looking for Darren?

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