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: July2010
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: Ethann Castell 14 Jul 2010
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 It would be useful to have some sort of "activeness" indicator(s) for a project.  For example, is the project still being developed and/or supported? Are there future releases planned? I'm thinking of the situation where you see a project that hasn't been touched for say 2 years.  It would be great if there was some way of knowing whether the project was still being supported and when a project has been "set free" (aka abandoned) by the original developer(s).

1) Patrick Kwintensson (14 Jul 2010)
can't we just bury old apps?

they make OpenNTF feel old and unprofessional.
2) Corey Davis (14 Jul 2010)
Just because they are old does not mean that they are useless. And just because they have not been updated recently does not mean that they are dead. It could just mean that they have been developed to the extent that the developer no longer has any fresh ideas to add. This "activeness" indicator idea would be a good way to tell the difference.
3) Niklas Heidloff (14 Jul 2010)
We have some sort of activity indiactor: { Link }

However the algorithm is quite simple right now. We only count the new and modified docs in the last three months. So a project with many defects reported is more active than one with better quality? Any ideas how to better figure out the activity level?

You can still check easily yourself when the last release was posted.
4) Corey Davis (14 Jul 2010)
I don't want to speak for Ethann, but I believe the idea is more along the lines of a set of choices the project chef can choose from: Active, Support Only, Inactive, etc. Of course, that requires the chef to change the status. Perhaps every 180 or 365 days an automated message is sent to the chef. If they do not login to update the status (even if the update is just keeping the status the same) then we automatically change it to Inactive.
5) Niklas Heidloff (14 Jul 2010)
Ah, makes sense. I agree, automation is key then since authors who are not active don't set the state to inactive.
6) Ethann Castell (14 Jul 2010)
@Corey. That's exactly the sort of thing I meant. Maybe an email reminder every 6 months with a status url.

If no response is received after some period of time then the assumption would be that the project is not longer actively supported.
7) Gayle Ujifusa Elgort (14 Jul 2010)
Very, very good idea. We are adding a similar type of feature to IdeaJam for ideas. Maybe we can collaborate?
8) Sander Zwart (15 Jul 2010)
Some apps needs to be removed.

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