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Better way to find Quality Projects - Enhance Rating System 

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: Craig Boudreaux 14 Jul 2010
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On your initial Projects page, the top project on the 'most downloaded' list is a project that hasn't attained a 1.0 release and hasn't been updated in a year.  So this one has a popular title, but that's it.  ( A Google calendar sync)
A list of Projects by rating would be better.
You'd also have to improve the current rating system, since currently ratings are separate from 'testimonials'.  When I'm reviewing potential applictions, I'd want to know why this person ranked it as a 5 and that one ranked it as a 1.  You'd also need to be able to change your rating if the project improves.
(Now that I see you actually have ratings -- never even saw that before, I'll go rate that project down.  Until it has Daylight Saving Time support as least)

1) F. Kranenburg (14 Jul 2010)
This idea is almost the same as a idea I posted. (Rename "Testimonials" to "Reviews" and let users rate the project while writing a review)
2) Corey Davis (14 Jul 2010)
On the Projects page { Link } there is a link to view projects by rating { Link }

While rating systems seem to have their own special set of difficulties (look at the trouble Apple has with the ratings in the App Store) I do think some work can be done to make the rating system more visible as well as enhancing it. And while you can attempt to re-rate a project, it does not appear to actually take affect and I agree that you should be able to change your rating.

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