Wrap lotus.domino.Document as a DominoDocument, including MIME and RichText

 * Wraps a lotus.domino.Document as a com.ibx.xsp.model.domino.wrapped.DominoDocument, including a RichText item
 * @param doc document to be wrapped
 * @param richTextItemName name of the rich text item containing standard RichText or MIME  contents that need to be wrapped
private static DominoDocument wrapDocument(final Document doc, final String richTextItemName) throws NotesException {</code>
  DominoDocument wrappedDoc = null;
  Database db = doc.getParentDatabase();
  //disable MIME to RichText conversion
  //wrap the lotus.domino.Document as a lotus.domino.DominoDocument
  //see http://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/dw/lotus/Domino-Designer/JavaDocs/DesignerAPIs/com/ibm/xsp/model/domino/wrapped/DominoDocument.html
  wrappedDoc = DominoDocument.wrap(doc.getParentDatabase().getFilePath(), doc, null, null, false, null, null);
  //see http://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/dw/lotus/Domino-Designer/JavaDocs/DesignerAPIs/com/ibm/xsp/model/domino/wrapped/DominoRichTextItem.html
  DominoRichTextItem drti = null;
  Item itemRT = doc.getFirstItem(richTextItemName);
  if (null != itemRT) {
    if (itemRT.getType() == Item.RICHTEXT) {
      //create a DominoRichTextItem from the RichTextItem
      RichTextItem rt = (RichTextItem) itemRT;
      drti = new DominoRichTextItem(wrappedDoc, rt);
    } else if (itemRT.getType() == Item.MIME_PART) {
      //create a DominoRichTextItem from the Rich Text item that contains MIME
      MIMEEntity rtAsMime = doc.getMIMEEntity(richTextItemName);
      drti = new DominoRichTextItem(wrappedDoc, rtAsMime, richTextItemName);
  wrappedDoc.setRichTextItem(richTextItemName, drti);
  return wrappedDoc;
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