Repeat with Header and Footer facets

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xp:view xmlns:xp="">
	<xp:repeat id="repeatList"
		value="#{javascript:[['1','One'], ['2','Two'], ['3','Three']]}"
			<xp:text disableTheme="true" xp:key="header" escape="false">
			<xp:text disableTheme="true" xp:key="footer" escape="false">
				<xp:text value="#{rowData[0]}"></xp:text>
				<xp:text value="#{rowData[1]}"></xp:text>
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Thomas Adrian
(at 05:26 on 09.08.2012)
This is a cool way of adding stuff within a repeat that should only be displayed once. say for instance you want to create a list of filter links from a view in an horisontal line and would like to include an "All" link to remove the filter. (e.g All | Cars | People | Houses). if you instead try and add the "All" link before the repeat you will get an unwanted carrige return.

Thanks for posting this.