Remove Properties from a Design that stop Elements from being updated during a Design Replace

Function FreeDatabaseDesign(db As NotesDatabase, inheritfromtemplate As Boolean, prohibitreplacerefresh As Boolean, propagateprohibition As boolean) As Boolean
	Const CHAR_FLAG_1 = "P"
	Const CHAR_FLAG_2 = "r"
	Dim notecol As NotesNoteCollection
	Dim doc As NotesDocument
	Dim noteid As String
	Dim id As String
	Dim x As Integer
	Dim tempval As String
	Dim cansave As Boolean
	On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
	' Specify True to collect everything by default. This will be Designs and Documents
	Set notecol = db.CreateNoteCollection(true)
	' Remove Documents from Collection. We only want Design Elements
	notecol.SelectDocuments = False
	Call notecol.BuildCollection
	noteid = notecol.GetFirstNoteId
	' Loop through each Design Element
	For x = 1 To notecol.Count
		id = notecol.GetNextNoteId(noteid)
		Set doc = db.GetDocumentByID(noteid)
		If Not( doc Is Nothing ) Then
			cansave = False
			' There are 3 Properties that this code will check for:
			' - Inherit from Design Template - ($Class = Template Name)			
			' - Prohibit Design Refresh or Replace to modify - ($Flags = P)
			' - Propagate this prohibition of design change - ($Flags = r)
			If (prohibitreplacerefresh = True) Or (propagateprohibition = True) Then
				If doc.hasItem("$Flags") Then
					If (prohibitreplacerefresh = True) And (InStr(doc.~$Flags(0),CHAR_FLAG_1)) Then
						' Remove the Character P from Field
						tempval = Replace(doc.~$Flags(0), CHAR_FLAG_1, "")
						Call doc.Replaceitemvalue("$Flags", tempval)
						cansave = true

					End If 
					If (propagateprohibition = True) And (InStr(doc.~$Flags(0),CHAR_FLAG_2)) Then
						' Remove the Character P from Field
						tempval = Replace(doc.~$Flags(0), CHAR_FLAG_2, "")
						Call doc.Replaceitemvalue("$Flags", tempval)
						cansave = True

					End If 
				End If				
			End If

			If inheritfromtemplate = True Then
				If doc.hasItem("$Class") Then
					If doc.~$Class(0) <> "" Then
						Call doc.Replaceitemvalue("$Class", "")
						cansave = True
					End If
				End If
			End If

			' Check if we have to save Design Element
			If cansave Then
				Call doc.Save(true, false)
			End If

		End If      
		noteid = id
	' Return True that the Code ran Successfully
	FreeDatabaseDesign = true
	Exit Function
	' Print Error and Return False
	Print "FreeDatabaseDesign Function Error: " + Error$ + " - Line: " + CStr(Erl)
	FreeDatabaseDesign = false
	Resume Done

End Function
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