Magic Button by Tim Tripcony

targetField := @Prompt([OkCancelEditCombo]; "Select Field"; "Select a field to override:"; ""; @DocFields );
updateTypes := "Text":"Number":"Time":"Delete Field";
updateType := @Prompt([OkCancelList]; "Select Type"; "Choose a type or action:"; "Text"; updateTypes );
@If(updateType = "Delete Field"; @Return(@SetField(targetField;@DeleteField)); "" );
newValue := @Prompt([OkCancelEdit];"New Value";"Enter the new value:"; @Text(@GetField(targetField )));
newTypeValue := @Select(@TextToNumber(@Replace(updateType; @Subset(updateTypes;3);"1":"2":"3" )); newValue; @TextToNumber(newValue); @TextToTime(newValue));
@SetField(targetField; newTypeValue)
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