Create Calendar Entry with LotusScript

Const APP_FORM = "Appointment"
Const DD_SERVER = "Serv01"
Const SEPERATOR = "!!"

Class CEntry
	Public Sub new()
	End Sub
	Private startdttm As NotesDateTime
	Private enddttm As NotesDateTime	
	Private moddttm As NotesDateTime
	Public Property Set StartDT As NotesdateTime
		Set startdttm = StartDT
	End Property
	Public Property Set EndDT As NotesdateTime
		Set enddttm = EndDT
	End Property
	Private strLocation As String
	Public Property Set Location As String	
		Me.strLocation = Location
	End Property	
	Private varCategories As Variant
	Public Property Set Categories As String	
		Me.varCategories = Split(Categories,";")
	End Property
	Private strType As String
	Public Property Set AppType As String	
		Me.strType = AppType
	End Property
	Public Property Get AppType As String	
		Select Case Ucase (Me.StrType)
			AppType = "0"
			AppType = "1"
			AppType = "2"
			AppType = "3"
			AppType = "4"
		Case Else
			AppType = "0"
		End Select
	End Property
	Private strsubject As String 
	Public Property Get subject As String
		subject = Me.strsubject
	End Property
	Public Property Set subject As String
		Me.strsubject = subject
	End Property	
	Private struser As String 
	Public Property Get user As String
		user = Me.struser
	End Property
	Public Property Set user As String
		Me.struser = user
	End Property
	Public Property Get MailFile As String
		Dim s As New NotesSession
		If Me.struser = "" Then
			MailFIle = ""
		Else ' Notes Version is < 8.x
			If s.NotesBuildVersion < 307 Then
				Dim db As New NotesDatabase ( DD_SERVER, "names.nsf" )
				Dim v As NotesView
				Dim doc As NotesDocument
				If db.IsOpen() Then
					Set v = db.GetView("($Users)")
					If Not ( v Is Nothing ) Then
						Set doc = v.GetDocumentByKey (Me.user)
						If Not ( doc Is Nothing ) Then
							MailFIle = doc.MailServer(0) & SEPERATOR & doc.MailFile(0)
						End If
					End If
				End If
			Else ' we are running at least Notes Version 8
				On Error 4731 Goto ERR_USER_NOT_FOUND
				Dim notesdir As NotesDirectory
				Set notesdir  = s.getDirectory(DD_SERVER)
				Dim homeserver As Variant
				homeserver =  notesdir.GetMailInfo (Me.struser, False, False)
				mailfile = Cstr(homeserver(0)) & SEPERATOR & Cstr(homeserver(3))	
			End If			
			Exit Property
			mailfile = ""
		End If
	End Property
	Public Function CreateSingleEntry As Integer
		CreateSingleEntry = 0 ' no error
		If Trim(Me.strSubject) = "" Then
			CreateSingleEntry = 3 ' Subject missing
			Exit Function
		End If
		If Me.startdttm.TimeDifference (Me.enddttm) > 0 Then
			CreateSingleEntry = 4 ' EndDT before StartDT
			Exit Function
		End If
		If Me.MailFile = "" Then
			CreateSingleEntry = 1 'No MailFile or User not found
			Exit Function
		End If
		Dim db As New NotesDatabase ( _
		Strtoken (Me.Mailfile,SEPERATOR,1), Strtoken (Me.Mailfile,SEPERATOR,2)) 
		If db.IsOpen () Then
			Dim session As New NotesSession
			Dim nam As NotesName
			Dim cEntry As New NotesDocument (db)
			Dim rtitem As Variant
			Dim itemIcon As NotesItem
			Dim item As NotesItem
			Dim ret As Variant
			Set nam = session.CreateName(Me.struser)		
			'----------- Set User and Description ----------------
			cEntry.Form = APP_FORM
			cEntry.~$Programmatically = "1" 
			'cEntry.tmpOwnerHW = "0"
			Set item = New NotesItem(cEntry, "From", nam.canonical)
			item.IsAuthors = True
			Set item = New NotesItem(cEntry, "Principal", nam.canonical)
			'Set item = New NotesItem(cEntry, "Chair", nam.canonical)
			Set item = New NotesItem(cEntry, "$BusyName", nam.canonical)
			item.IsNames = True
			cEntry.AppointmentType = Me.AppType
			Select Case Me.AppType
			Case 0
				Set itemIcon = New NotesItem(cEntry, "_ViewIcon", 160)
			Case 1
				Set itemIcon = New NotesItem(cEntry, "_ViewIcon", 63)	
			Case 2
				Set itemIcon = New NotesItem(cEntry, "_ViewIcon", 168)
			Case 3
				Set itemIcon = New NotesItem(cEntry, "_ViewIcon", 9)
			Case 4
				Set itemIcon = New NotesItem(cEntry, "_ViewIcon", 158)
			End Select
			itemIcon.IsSummary = True
			cEntry.~$BusyPriority = "1" 
			cEntry.Subject = Me.subject
			'----------- Set Date and Times ----------------
			cEntry.StartDateTime = Me.startdttm.LSLocalTime
			cEntry.StartDate = Me.startdttm.LSLocalTime
			cEntry.StartTime = Me.startdttm.LSLocalTime
			cEntry.EndDateTime = Me.enddttm.LSLocalTime
			cEntry.EndDate = Me.enddttm.LSLocalTime
			cEntry.EndTime = Me.enddttm.LSLocalTime
			cEntry.calendarDateTime = Me.startdttm.LSLocalTime
			'----------- Set Other Fields ----------------
			cEntry.~$NoPurge = Me.enddttm.LSLocalTime
			cEntry.~$PublicAccess = "1"
			cEntry.tmpWhichList = ""
			Set item = New NotesItem(cEntry, "ExcludeFromView", "D")
			Call item.AppendToTextList ("S")
			cEntry.OrgTable = "C0"
			cEntry.Location = Me.strLocation
			Set item = New NotesItem(cEntry, "Categories", varCategories)			
			'cEntry.Categories = "Test"
			cEntry.Logo = "stdNotesLtr0"
			cEntry.OrgState = "x"
			cEntry.Repeats = ""
			cEntry.Resources = ""
			cEntry.SaveOptions = ""
			cEntry.SequenceNum = "1"
			cEntry.APPTUNID = cEntry.UniversalID
			'//Call cEntry.ComputeWithForm (False,True)
			Call, True)
			CreateSingleEntry = 2 'MalFile cannot be opened
		End If
	End Function
End Class

Sample Usage

Sub Click(Source As Button)
	Dim CEntry As New CEntry()
	CEntry.AppType = "Appointment"
	CEntry.User = "Beta User/Singultus"
	CEntry.Subject = "This is a test appointment"
	CEntry.Location = "Mettmann"
	CEntry.Categories = "Test;test1;test2"
	Set CEntry.StartDT = New NotesDateTime("11.07.2008 13:00:00") 
	Set CEntry.EndDT = New NotesDateTime("11.07.2008 14:00:00") 
	Msgbox CEntry.CreateSingleEntry
End Sub
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jeniffer homes
(at 09:47 on 18.12.2015)
This is an excellent snippet!
G M Perry
(at 10:35 on 01.11.2013)
This is an excellent snippet! I have been working trying to generate repeatable calendar entries or multi-day events. Any advice on how to get this functionality working with LotusScript?