Welcome! To install or update features and plugins from here, create a new "Remote Update Site" in your Eclipse-based application, and point it to http://openntf.org/8625767000299513/site.xml You can then install or update the following features available on this site:

Attachment Manager Feature1.0.0
Attachment Viewer Feature1.0.0.201010051341
Attachment Viewer Feature1.0.0.201007160952
Bookmark viewer for Delicious1.0.0
DB Browser Feature1.0.0
Derby storage module for Delicious1.0.0
Discussion Add Ons1.0.0
Feature of Driving directions for Google Maps1.0.0
File Navigator1.0.7
File Navigator Feature1.0.4
File Navigator Feature1.0.2
Import/Export Feature2.1.2
Import/Export Feature2.1.1
Import/Export Feature2.1.0
Import/Export Feature2.0.0
Import/Export Feature1.3.1
Import/Export Feature1.3.0
Import/Export Feature1.2.1
Import/Export Feature1.2.0
Import/Export Feature1.1.0
Import/Export Feature1.0.0
Inking for IBM Lotus Sametime2.0.0.200909241623
Lotus Labs Notes Feature1.0.0
Lotus Labs Tests1.0.0
Mail Notification for Lotus Notes1.0.3.200903072106
Note API Test Feature1.0.0
Notes API Properties Test Feature1.0.0
Open Web Links in External System Browser1.0.0.200911231833
Open Web Links in External System Browser1.0.0.200911161517
Quick IM Feature1.0.0
QuickNote Feature1.0.0
Recent contacts for Sametime Feature1.0.0.200909221626
Refactor Feature1.0.0
Rich Client Extension Samples1.0.0
SearchSong Action Feature1.0.0
Sender Analytics1.0.5
SideBar_Plug_in_For_Lotus_Enterprise_Integrator Feature1.0.0
SideNote Feature1.0.0
Smart Bar1.0.0
Snippets o:n:e Feature0.1.1
Status Updater Feature (OpenNTF Edition)
Status Updater Feature (OpenNTF Edition)
Themes for Lotus Notes1.0.2.200903172250
Twitter Status Updater Service (OpenNTF edition)
Twitter Status Updater Service (OpenNTF edition)